I was thinking last weekend — what makes us unhappy, uncontented, restless and eventually frustrated. Why cannot we all create the life we want? Are we limited by external factors or we simply don’t have the tools to rewrite our reality?

Most of the time we don’t even know what we want. It requires serious self-digging and a lot of contemplation to see what we desire and not the goals that society or peers push on us. For years, I thought becoming a worldwide-known dancer would make me feel happy and complete. I was willing to give up everything, just to spend my days with self-expression and creativity. I had no idea I’d have another path — because I didn’t see it.

Since I was a small child, I figured out what kind of lifestyle I wanted to have by pure observation. I knew I didn’t want a boring life, but I didn’t exactly know it could be something else – till I got inspired by a movie, a book or a person. Every time I found inspiration, I unconsciously re-wrote my story. Based on the environment I was born into, it was unimaginable to travel the world and become an international citizen. Still, all those experiences in far away countries in primary and secondary school helped me choose a path. A path that resonated with my core.

I arrived to a cornerstone in life. I figured out that what really makes me happy is teaching. It was there along the way, but I tried to neglect that path and find something more glamorous. Glamorous, however, doesn’t mean happy. I gain much more energy by sharing my knowledge with people and creating a real impact in their lives. I cannot disown where I come from. The teaching veins of my parents were inherited to me. As they loved teaching, so do I.

As a result of my extended research in storytelling I came to understand that I’m changing through the stories I consume. I have the power to re-write my own story into one I enjoy. But unfortunately, it’s a skill they never teach us at schools. They don’t start our education explaining how to create the life we want to live. They don’t tell us that we can become anyone we want to be, by simply following a couple of daily rituals. They don’t tell us to go out and search for our own story. They don’t tell us how to become inspired by the stories that truly interest us and change ourselves by consuming movies, books, cartoons, and all type of stories that resonate with who we want to become. Being unique and different is still a threat.

I’m not scared of my future anymore. I see examples that make me driven and passionate. I see examples that inspire me on a deep level, pushing me to become a better version of myself.

The last 3 years of my life have been shaped by a life-saving decision —the choice to call myself an artist and pursue a creative living. I decided to believe that a desire to be creative every day was encoded in my genes, and that creativity won’t run away from me. I can choose to use this energy for constructive purposes and create art, or to make chaos in my life and let this unbridled force cause drama and depression. Every part of my being always pointed towards dancing — self-expression, movement, and storytelling. If the universe didn’t want me to become a dancer, then it should have not made me passionate about it. But life did make me a dancer, and it was a conscious choice to meet my destiny with love and joy, trying to leave drama out of my life. I didn’t know this golden truth a few years ago, but getting my way through all those creative recovery courses helped me understand the essence. It’s my own decision how I handle myself as an artist. I can wake up every day and be grateful for being a dancer and teacher, grabbing every opportunity to worship this beautiful art form, or I can get caught up in drama, external confirmation, winning, rewards and all the things that slowly poison my life. It’s all my choice.

I’m a lucky person because I was able to create my own miracle.

I’m a happy person because I do activities that fuel my heart.

And I’m a grateful person because life has given me so much.

MAY 2016

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