Life is a binary system; endless events with only two options when it comes to making decisions — fear or love. Fear equals lack, control, struggle, anxiety, apathy, dissatisfaction, discontent, unhappiness, while love is a mind state of abundance, surrender, gratitude, appreciation, passion, flow, content, happiness, ease, brightness.

Our default state as human beings is a fear state — we are generally resistant to being happy. The presence of fear as a protective mechanism will do whatever it takes to keep us ‘safe’ even on the expense of pain and struggle. The solution is pretty straightforward — recognizing and becoming aware of our resistance. Acknowledging our emotions and fearful thoughts without being harsh or judgmental. Embracing resistance and forgiving ourselves for being inconsistent in our everyday practice.

Generally, we are addicted to fear. When we can forgive ourselves for mistakes and detours we did in the past and for future ones we are going to make, we surrender. We honor our shadow side that ultimately leads to healing and change. Looking at our shadow and fear with love is a difficult practice — especially if we have tried to control outcomes, happenings, events for many years. It’s easy to slide into a cycle of perfectionism even when it comes to mindfulness. We want to meditate twice a day, perform well, be the kindest and most loving person, focus on the present moment, and despite all our best efforts, what we face from time to time is failure. The good news is that as long as we are committed to growth, personal development, and daily practice of bettering our lives, we are on the right path.

Consistency is key, and every step along the way adds to incremental growth. Being spiritual for me means committing to love on a daily basis. Love in a broad sense with every aspect of it — gratitude, appreciation, ease, creativity, lightness, surrender. Sometimes it takes me days to even realize that I have been in a fearful state, but just like everything else in life practice makes a master. The more we are in this specific mind state, the easier it is to snap back into it, and the longer we are able to stay there.

Joy and pleasure is our birthright. The more joyful we are, the more happiness we can share with the world. The more we express our presence, the more positive energy we shine on the world. Joy is a choice we make on a daily basis. When we stop relying only on our own strength, and  we let Life flow naturally, we surrender. We create space for creative solutions. It’s especially problematic if we tried to control, manipulate, push every outcome, happening and event in our life. The harder we push, the more discontent, unhappy and unsafe we will feel.

It’s all about finding that delicate balance between surrender and taking action. One cannot exist without the other.