People asked me why I started this blog. It’s a good question and there’re plenty of answers for that. I wanted to document my journey towards cultural entrepreneurship from the moment of starting my company to real success.

I started to work as a freelancer in 2013 after enrolling at a master’s program in cultural entrepreneurship. I’ve spent the last four years figuring out what my company should look like and specialize in. Being a researcher, trainer, dancer, I thought the label, cultural entrepreneur would fit me. It combines the two elements I’ve loved since my childhood – arts and innovation. Throughout the years, I fell in love with many different areas – arts, culture, writing, dancing, storytelling, creativity, psychology and of course entrepreneurship.

I’m on a journey to success and I’d like to share my experiences with you. On Mondays, I publish a new blog post about my journey and send a newsletter called Inspiration Monday. I figured out that inspiration is the most important part of the week – I need to keep myself motivated and do the everyday work with joy and ease.

The posts discuss all the lessons I learn as an entrepreneur, sharing successes and failures and everything I learn through real-life experience. I’m honest, not hiding my inner feelings and doubts, trying to help other like-minded people to get out of their comfort zone. Topics I deal with cover everything related to creativity, female entrepreneurship, inspiration, dancing, writing, everyday spirituality, emotional ups and downs, social media, marketing and many more.

I’m proud to say that this Blog is the thing I wish existed 20 years ago when I was looking for inspiring thoughts to help me get out of the gripping atmosphere of my small hometown. Whether you love to read about human stories or not, I hope you’ll give it a try.

I love hearing other people’s stories and connecting with entrepreneurs and creative people of all types. My life philosophy is that we’re all creative beings. Feel free to email me directly at to let me know what you think.

Enjoy the blog, like, comment, and share it with friends who need some inspiration.