We start every new year with resolutions. Plans of making things differently, plans of sticking to ideas and carrying it through. Then, somewhere along the way, we get stuck and our motivation drops. I had this ambitious plan last year to read one book per week. I wanted to get back my drive of continuous learning, studying, expanding my mind and exposing myself to new theories and philosophies. The interesting part of this experiment was the fact that although in technical terms I failed because I only read 22 books, I over-performed compared to previous years.

My desire to learn was enough to set me on a path towards change. I believe human desire is an untapped natural resource. It fuels creativity, innovation, and new ideas. Our desire to improve, grow, and learn set us on a path of unimaginable results and outcomes. Although I didn’t reach my original goal, I can try it again in 2017 with possibly a higher chance of success. 

Entrepreneurship is about trying, failing, challenging the improbable and pushing through comfort zones just a little more every time. I came to see most entrepreneurs eventually succeed because they don’t give up. They persevere in the abyss, so close to the finish line. They know how to gain energy by comparing their achievement to point of departure, while keeping the grander vision in mind. They know how to persevere when everyone believes in failure. They are capable of withstanding pain to extreme extents for a bigger reward in the future. They generate energy in uncertain situations, while others get consumed by stress and anxiety. Entrepreneurs are visionaries finding comfort and safety in the unknown, conquering newer territories of human consciousness.

I dedicate 2017 to growth, learning, entrepreneurship, and sharing insights through different research projects. Pushing through my comfort zone more than ever before.