There is an interesting question raised by Michael A. Singer in his book, The Untethered Soul. The simple question is: ‘Who am I?’ A thought-provoking one that directs our attention to deeper meanings. I agree with him. Stating we are consciousness and awareness seems like a correct answer. Spiritual beings having a human experience. Meditation is nothing more than finding the difference between the subject and the object. Subject is the Self witnessing different objects inside and out: thoughts, emotions, events and happenings in the outside world. We are directors watching our well-directed movies. 

Disturbance occurs when we fully absorb in thoughts, emotions, or challenges of our everyday life. Our Self has a natural ability to focus, concentrate on one specific topic. However, when we identify too much with the role we are playing, or the problems that occupy our mental capacity, we tend to overload our system with stress. Living in a mindstate of fear, anxiety and stress will inevitably lead to mental, emotional and health issues.

I believe the role of our education system if we are to raise responsible, healthy, and well-equipped citizens would be to teach how to switch back and forth between being in the centre of our Self and focusing on one specific object. We learn how facts and numbers work but we hardly know anything about human behaviour, consciousness and its application in our everyday life. Schools do not prepare us for the challenges of life. By the time we graduate, we do not have the right tools and methods necessary for following a meaningful and service-driven path. That learning starts after graduation, mostly triggered by a feeling of lack and intuition pinpointing that there is more to life. So, we start searching. We look for explanations and meanings. We try to make sense of our existence.

Entrepreneurship is not only about starting a business and creating change in the world. It starts within, on the level of the individual — creating a lifestyle that diverges from the norm, setting a new standard, going against status quo, and then teaching this changed view to the world.